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Trainer Feedback Survey

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This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Was this training offered at a specific county location? *This question is required.
Please rate how completely the learning objectives were achieved in this learning activity.
Fully AchievedSomewhat AchievedNeutralSomewhat Not AchievedNot Achieved
Did you identify any issues with the curriculum that need addressed?

If yes, please explain.
Please rate your experience with each of the following. Please share any challenges or positive experiences in the "Comments" box to the right.
Experience Comments
Excellent Fair Poor
Equipment (computer, projector, flip charts, TV, DVD player, etc.)
Technology (wifi access, etc.)
Facility (training room, restrooms, kitchen access, etc.)
Physical Location (accessibility, parking, directions on how to get there, etc.)
County or RTC Staff
Did you experience any significant incident(s) during the learning activity?

If yes, please describe the incident(s) and the corresponding action(s) you took in the comments area below, including whether or not you feel this incident requires IHS/RTC intervention.
Do you have suggestions to improve your training experience, including any RTC-related suggestions?

If yes, please list your suggestions in the comments area below.